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When it comes to health, we all deserve a TAKE TWO


A do-over. A re-framing. Another shot at telling our story,

at showing our craft, and at producing our Best Self. 


Healthcare that believes that the only way to run out of chances is to stop taking them.


Healthy doesn’t mean getting perfect scores on a physical exam. 

Healthy means living a life full of rich experiences, meaning, and connections.

This doesn’t require a “perfect” body - but it does require nurturing and working with the body you have.


So, what does it take to get Healthy?

  • a doctor who knows you     

  • a team that cares     

  • curiosity, and the willingness to keep on learning     

  • a community that supports one another to do Difficult Things     



heart-mind-body-spirit-community filmstrip.jpg

TAKE TWO HEALTH is a private membership healthcare practice. 

We provide personal physician services in a direct-pay model (no insurance needed) to help you take control and transform your health, especially around our focus areas:

A regular Membership is paid directly without involving any commercial health insurance, and is a MINIMUM of a one-year commitment.


Not ready to commit to an ongoing membership? Pay-As-You-Go pricing is available for Acute Care, Whole Health Consultations, Workshops, and More.

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