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Take Two...

Take Two minutes to breathe, to listen to your own inner wisdom and aspirations -- and then return renewed.

Take Two and create a whole new scene on the stage of your health.

We work with individuals, families, small businesses and other community groups, to help you PRODUCE & DIRECT your complete health.

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Own It!

Your Health - Your Way

Your Own Dedicated Doctor & Team

Knowing you, your story, your goals and your family & community

Your Health Record Belongs to You

More than 85% of all healthcare needs can be met within our practice

All for one affordable monthly fee

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New Patients being welcomed now!

​As membership grows, so will our services -- based on the needs and wants of YOU, the patient.

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We all know the old scene of what's NOT working for us on the stage of healthcare in the US today:

  • rushed, impersonal care

  • unpredictable & unmanageable costs

  • 3rd parties telling doctors & patients what to do

  • chaos instead of compassion when you're feeling sick or worried

Enough already - It's time for a TAKE TWO!

TAKE TWO HEALTH is an innovative new medical practice, designed to make YOU the star:

  • good old-fashioned doctor-patient care

  • all the technical advantages of the digital world

  • simple, transparent pricing

  • no 3rd party interference

  • access when, where & how YOU need us

  • personalized, compassionate care

  • your health record belongs to YOU