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Queer-Positive & Gender-Affirming Care

Membership or $300/hr

We all need a place we can call home. Somewhere we are accepted, helped, encouraged, and lovingly challenged to be brave and keep growing.

TAKE TWO HEALTH is that healthcare home for the full rainbow spectrum of our LGBTQIA+ family, no matter how - or whether - you choose to label yourself.

Our care is affirming of all forms of love, family, expression, sexuality, and self-discovery, and we are here to support you at every step of your journey to celebrating who you are.

For those who choose to use hormones to align your body with your gender, Yes! that’s definitely part of what we offer.

With a focus on whole-person health, we also understand that not everything is about your gender or sexuality. You don’t need irrelevant prying questions or invasive exams to treat a sinus infection or for a work physical. And we’re here for you for that, too: the big, the little, and everything in between.

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