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What is DPCC?
(Direct Primary Community Care)

The US healthcare industry is complicated.

Getting your care doesn’t have to be.


Maybe you've heard of DPC, Direct Primary Care.

DPC is a business model:

Patients pay a subscription (membership) for access to ongoing healthcare services. This sustains the doctor-patient relationship, with no third parties involved.

DPC means more time with your doctor, a doctor who knows you, and no surprise bills.


DPCC is our next step:

All the benefits of DPC, plus your membership supports a whole community who commits to being healthy together. 

Together, we can do better.


When you pay a large corporation to manage your health, the medical care you get is built around their priorities: productivity, efficiency, and conformity. 

Those are crucial values when you’re building a better widget, or balancing a budget. 

Not so much when the goal is human well-being.


At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we believe we can do better than that. 


Direct Primary Community Care is a different way of investing in our own healthcare.

Instead of expensive and intrusive health insurance dictating your options, each Member or their Sponsor pays a direct subscription for:

  • Unlimited appointments with generous time     

  • Groups, Workshops and Community Trainings     

  • Care and Management of Chronic Health Conditions     

  • Living & Learning / Skills Development programs     

  • Comprehensive Wellness & Prevention     

  • Acute Care when sick or injured     

  • Minor Office Procedures     

  • Basic Laboratory services       

  • Advocacy for health-related issues     

  • After-Hours Emergency Support      

  • . . . and more, based on community wants & needs     


So, we can sit here, waiting for someone else to fix healthcare. 

Or we can show up, roll up our sleeves, and do this together. 

Because sometimes, there is just us.


And because we’re all here by a choice we made, TAKE TWO HEALTH is more than just your doctor’s office ~ we’re a community.


What does a community need to be healthy? 

  • A seasoned Physician (trained healer) to guide the way     

  • An expert Triage & Healthcare Team to connect resources when & where needed    

  • Compassion for self and others       

  • Curiosity, and the willingness to keep on learning     

  • Honesty: because what can be spoken - can be healed     

  • Grit: resolve, passion, and the courage to keep on showing up     

  • A diverse wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills      

  • Generosity to share our strengths      

  • Humility to accept guidance and help      

  • Commitment to support one another in doing Difficult Things      


DPCC is not Concierge. 

Concierge is about exclusivity, which can lead to disconnection and shame. 

DPCC is about community, where mutual support helps us reconnect to each other and to our own best selves.


These things that make us different - are exactly what make us stronger.  

Now, more than ever, you need a healthcare team that’s on your side.

If you’re ready for a TAKE TWO in your life, Join Now.


If you’re a small business, please call us to discuss making TAKE TWO HEALTH Membership a benefit for your employees.

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