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Trauma-Informed Care

Harnessing Growth through Adversity

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Trauma is complicated.

Trauma is a *response* - the sense of threat and separation which we experience when Bad Things happen and leave their scars, and which comes echoing back each time those scars are re-exposed.

And yet, those are also the scars that hold us together.

The scars of Trauma may show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention deficit, chronic pain, physical illness, or addiction.

But Trauma also shows up as over-achieving, creative expression, pursuit of excellence, compassion, grit, curiosity and a deeper capacity for wonder.

Trauma isn’t a disease or a failure - and healing doesn’t mean cutting out the past or leaving parts of yourself behind.

You deserve a team that respects what you may be going through, and helps you learn to regain your power and show up as your Best Self.

Learn more about Dr Leto’s AntiFragile model of trauma-informed care through our workshops and individual one-on-one care.

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