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Stress & Mental Health

Learning to Live Well as your Best Self

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Life can be complicated, messy, stressful ... and beautiful!

To help you reconnect with the beauty in your life, we offer both individual focused care to work with specific issues and concerns, and also workshops and ongoing groups to learn more about general issues and strategies for improving your mental health.

Dr Leto is a Family and Community Medicine Physician, and as such she has chosen to pursue advanced training in mental health care. She works with a range of tools including psychoeducation (learning how your mind works), cognitive-behavioral approaches, somatic (body-based) approaches, expressive arts, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and medications when appropriate.

We offer care that is empowering, sensitive, confidential, and integrated with your medical care.

You bring the honesty, and the willingness to get vulnerable and learn new things.

Whether it's about getting un-stuck with improving a health habit, weathering a storm, or figuring out how to really live your life as the person you choose to be, let us help you thrive as your best self!

TAKE TWO HEALTH is not a crisis center. If you are in severe crisis, consistently intoxicated on alcohol or substances during care, or are at immediate risk of harming yourself or someone else, you may be referred to a higher level of care.

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