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Legal & Advocacy

Your Ally in Complex Situations

$300/hr MD * $100/hr staff

Sometimes we need someone to speak up for us. Someone who’s not us. Someone who’s got authority, or who can put our story into the right words, or who knows who to talk to and what to say in order to get things done.

Advocating for our patients, our communities, and the health issues that affect us all, is a big part of the responsibility of being a Family and Community Medicine physician, and Dr Leto takes this to heart.

As a community leader active within the medical profession and beyond, Dr Leto fights for rights, equity, opportunities, and resources for her patients every day.

If you are in an individual situation that needs a voice to back up your rights and needs to protect and build your health, we are there for that, too.

When we advocate on behalf of an individual patient, we keep a clear focus on:
- Protecting your independence and autonomy
- Keeping you empowered at the center of all decisions (“Nothing about me, without me”)
- Fighting for your full equitable access to the same resources as others
- Setting clear expectation and accountability each step along the way
- Preserving privacy and confidentiality, especially around sensitive health information

For situations involving the courts, we ask that your attorney let us know specifically what questions should be answered and addressed. Planning together with the right team of experts in the beginning is much more efficient and cost-effective, and has the best chance of getting you to the best resolution possible

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