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Frequently Asked Questions
What kinds of patients do you see?

TAKE TWO HEALTH welcomes people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, abilities, backgrounds and walks of life. Our patients range in age from newborns to 100+ years.
TAKE TWO HEALTH patients are smart, savvy, innovative, creative, curious, brave, independent diverse individuals, families, small businesses and other groups who want to learn how to thrive together, and who aren't content to accept the status quo when something better is possible.

How do I join TAKE TWO HEALTH?

When you're ready to invest in your health by becoming a TAKE TWO HEALTH Patient Member, just click on the JOIN NOW ticket to sign up!

Does TAKE TWO HEALTH take my insurance?

TAKE TWO HEALTH does not accept commercial health insurance. We do participate with conventional Medicare Part B and with Colorado Medicaid ("Health First Colorado"). As a Direct Primary Care membership practice, we charge a fixed monthly membership - and then there are no extra charges or surprise bills when you are sick or hurt.
At this time, all TAKE TWO HEALTH Medicare and Medicaid DPC Scholarship Programs are FULL to the general public.

Is Direct Primary Care insurance?

No. Direct Primary Care is an affordable up-front way to pay for the health care you receive through TAKE TWO HEALTH but it is not an insurance plan, and it does not pay for care delivered outside of TAKE TWO HEALTH.

Do I have to have health insurance along with TAKE TWO HEALTH?

In a perfect world, we think that Direct Primary Care is best paired with some form of catastrophic coverage in case of rare but complex and costly health issues (major surgeries, hospitalizations, childbirth, etc.)
If you do have health insurance, you absolutely can still use it for your prescriptions, outside labwork & imaging tests, specialty consultations and hospital care, etc.
But we don't live a perfect world; we live in the real world. Whether you have conventional, catastrophic or high deductible health insurance, a Health Care Sharing Ministry, a government program, or no 3rd-party-payor coverage at all, TAKE TWO HEALTH can help you find the most cost-effective ways to get the best care possible.

Can TAKE TWO HEALTH serve my small business?

Yes! We're a small business ourselves, and we are proud to help support one another in doing and creating great new things.
Whether you choose to provide TAKE TWO HEALTH membership as a stand-alone benefit to your employees, or combine it with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or a high-deductible insurance plan, we would love to help keep you and your employees healthy, happy, safe and productive. In addition to all of our general health services, TAKE TWO HEALTH can also consult with your business about individualized recommendations on how to keep everyone healthiest in your particular setting and type of work.

Who can we include in our Family or Small Group membership?

At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we recognize and celebrate that "family" comes in all different forms and circumstances. Any group of two or more people who choose to join up and pay one membership account together are welcome to do so.

Can TAKE TWO HEALTH accommodate my disability or special needs?

At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we take pride in welcoming everyone, and helping every member live the healthiest, most involved and fulfilling life possible. Our building, offices and exam tables are fully ADA-accessible, our people are trained to be respectfully curious, empowering and accommodating, and our computer system even helps us translate across over 140 languages. Because each member's care is personalized, we can adjust the pace and format of your care to your unique needs. Please continue to TEACH US how we can do an even better job of serving YOU.

What does it mean that I "own my own health record"?

According to HIPAA (federal health information privacy laws) everybody has the legal right to "own" their own health information.
But at TAKE TWO HEALTH, we take that to a whole new level.
We believe wholeheartedly in "Nothing About Me Without Me" - the idea that YOU should be involved in every diagnosis, label and decision about your health. Therefore, with TAKE TWO HEALTH, you have complete access to co-create, read, question, download, forward, add to and comment on your entire Electronic Health Record at any time through our secure online plain-language interface. 
Because TAKE TWO HEALTH is not built around insurance billing codes and requirements, we are freed up to redesign the health record in a format that is useful and easily understandable, and is built around the patient as a whole person, and health as a lifelong process.

I'm not sure whether I'm ready to sign up for a membership. How can I check out TAKE TWO HEALTH a little more?

Sign up for our Mailing List to stay in the know! TAKE TWO HEALTH periodically offers Open House events, Classes and Workshops to the public, so you can get to know us better. Join the Mailing List, call us at 303-557-2250 or check back at this website for the latest details - Coming Soon...

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