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What is Direct Primary Care?

No more Interference:
Your Doctor works for YOU

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a medical practice model arrangement in which a physician and their patients form an agreement for private unlimited primary care health services for an affordable monthly fee. Normally, over 85% of health care needs can be met in a DPC practice.

DPC is transforming healthcare by renewing the physician-patient relationship and restoring the practice of medicine to its noble roots: allowing the art, the science and the compassion of medicine to be the primary focus between physician and patient - creating Your Health, Your Way.

The focus is on YOU.

Get expert compassionate health care

When, Where and How YOU need it

by one team that knows, respects, appreciates & advocates for YOU

all for one affordable monthly fee

by joining TAKE TWO HEALTH today!


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Individual DPC Membership

Individual DPC Membership


is $180 per month.

TAKE TWO HEALTH does not accept any commercial health insurance.

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Medicare DPC Membership

TAKE TWO HEALTH Medicare DPC Memberships are FULL to the general public at this time.

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Family, Small Business or Group DPC Membership

Any small group which pays their monthly membership together in one payment is eligible for group pricing: family, small business, housemates, etc...
First member is $180 per month
Members 2-5 are $150 per month
Members 6-10 are $120 per month
Kids (under 18) are half off the lowest rate for the group size
Groups of more than 10: please call

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Medicaid DPC


TAKE TWO HEALTH Medicaid DPC Scholarships are FULL to the general public at this time.
One in five Boulder County residents is covered by Medicaid - therefore TAKE TWO HEALTH is proud to provide one Medicaid DPC Scholarship for every four paid memberships.