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Substances & Sobriety Support

You've committed to Recovery - We Can Help

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Whether you are newly recovering, or have been living life alcohol- and substance-free for many years, we are here to honor and support your journey.

Recovery is a lifelong process, and your healthcare team can be a crucial ally as you reclaim your life. We can help you stay on track with:
- supportive counseling and peer groups
- Medication Assisted Treatment for Alcohol and/or Opiate dependence
- addressing underlying mental health and trauma-related issues
- affirming and accepting care, supportively holding you to standards of accountability
- non-judgemental treatment of medical complications from substance use

TAKE TWO HEALTH is not a detox or intensive treatment program. For persons who have been drinking or using heavily (more than 4 days per week), we generally require at least 90 days of continuous substance-free sobriety in a more intensive program before we can take over care.

No matter which programs or treatment approaches are the best fit for you, all Recovery requires full commitment to five principles:

#1 - Change your Life:
Leaving behind old people, places, and patterns is a first, crucial step. Relationships and behaviors can either reinforce addiction, or can support you in building a new life. Which relationships and behaviors you choose are the most accurate predictor of relapse or sustained recovery.

#2 - Rigorous Honesty:
The feelings, experiences, and relationships that lead to addiction are messy - regaining control requires getting really honest with yourself and everyone around you. Talking about Bad Stuff can be scary at first - but there is nothing that can’t be made more bearable by facing it together in the light of day.

#3 - Ask for Help:
Recovery means relying on others to stay on track and face the challenges in our lives. Insisting we’re fine, or that we can do it alone, is what fuels addiction and relapse. Learning how - and who - to trust is hard work, but we can only get there when we start by asking.

#4 - Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care:
Taking healthy care of ourselves doesn’t mean hiding away from the uncomfortable work, but it does mean supporting our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits with nurturing input, restorative rest, and protective boundaries.

#5 - No Excuses, No Cheating, and No Bending the Rules:
Shortcuts and trying to skip past the uncomfortable work are set-ups for relapse. When in doubt, see above.

. . . and a word about Harm Reduction:
If you’re not ready to fully commit to recovery, we still want to help you stay as healthy as possible. Maybe you’ll be ready tomorrow, or maybe it will take years. But when you are ready, we want you to be still alive, and with the least collateral damage possible.

If you or someone you care about is using any illicit substance, in any form, and are not ready to stop, there are things a person can do to stay safer - this is called Harm Reduction. We are always happy to discuss Harm Reduction and help provide more resources

One important Harm Reduction tactic these days is to keep NARCAN opioid-reversing nose spray available in case of an overdose. NARCAN can save a life whether someone is having a bad reaction to prescription medication, has taken too much of a street opioid, or has taken something else that was "laced" (contaminated) with an unexpected opioid such as Fentanyl. A squirt of NARCAN into the nostril can save a life by reversing this overdose.

For people who inject drugs, Syringe Access or Needle Exchange programs, help save lives by providing sterile needles, information on how to avoid infections and signs to look out for, and sometimes even supervised settings for safer injection drug use.

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