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Making Meds More Manageable

Cost-Conscious & Person-Centered Solutions

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Whenever possible, we try to address your health needs first with non-pharmaceutical treatments (diet, exercise, lifestyle, natural supplements, etc).

But sometimes prescription medications are necessary.

At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we can help manage and monitor the prescriptions that you need to take, and de-prescribe when it's time to get rid of a medication that no longer serves.

TAKE TWO HEALTH goes the extra mile to keep your prescriptions safe and cost-conscious.

When you do have to take a prescription medication, finding the best price can be tricky. Here are some tools that can help you save - sometimes hundreds of dollars!

Ask your pharmacist whether the Cash Price is less than your Insurance Co-Pay - it often is!

Cost-saving apps and websites:
- GoodRx is the biggest online source for discounts, coupons, and best-price pharmacies
- Blink Health Rx lets you buy prescriptions at discounted cash prices -for local pharmacy pick-up or shipped to your home
- Needy Meds is an online system to find and apply for Assistance Programs directly from drug manufacturers, especially for expensive meds for rare or complex health conditions
- Colorado Drug Card is a free statewide discount card, accepted by most pharmacies throughout Colorado

Sign up for your local Pharmacy’s Discount Programs (each chain offers their own)

Is your prescription formatted for the best value? 90-day supplies and mail-order services often provide substantial savings. We can help you find the most cost-effective dosing plan when medications come in more than one dose.

If you are using insurance, are you taking a Preferred medication on your Formulary? A Formulary is a list of which medications your specific insurance policy will cover, and at what level co-pay. We can help you review your Formulary to see if there is a just-as-good option with a lower cost to you.

Is it less expensive to have this medication made-to-order by a Compounding Pharmacy? Many hormones, topical pain creams, and certain other medications may be less expensive if compounded, rather than buying through a regular retail pharmacy. Talk with Dr Leto to see if this is an option for you.

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