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Comprehensive Wellness Review

Assess your Health & Plan for your Goals

Membership or $450/appt

Are you Healthy?

Maybe you’ve got a list of questions, or maybe you don’t even know where to begin.

Our Comprehensive Wellness Review provides an in-depth consultation about all your health concerns from a personalized, holistic perspective.

This full review, exam, and relevant labs and studies, is recommended once a year, to explore your current health, with full attention to:
- Physical Conditions
- New Symptoms or Concerns
- Optimizing Chronic Health Conditions
- Cardiometabolic Screening
- Cancer Screening
- Emotional Well-Being
- Cognitive Functioning
- Adversity & Trauma Impacts
- Nutrition Assessment
- Review of Supplements and Medications for Optimal Health
- Addiction, Dependency and Substance Use Assessment
- Social Roles, Culture and Support Networks
- Relationship Health
- Risk Assessment for future health and safety

in order to set Goals and craft a Strategic Plan for you to build and maintain future well-being.

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