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CardioMetabolic Health

Nutrition and Lifestyle to Reduce Your Risk

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Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes and Vascular Disease (damage to circulation) are leading causes of death and disability in the modern world.

Most of us have at least one risk factor:
- Age
- Testosterone-dominant hormones
- Dietary habits (refined sugars, processed foods, saturated fats, not enough produce)
- Lifetime history of nicotine and toxic drug use
- Abdominal Obesity (carrying too much weight around our middle)
- High Blood Pressure
- Diabetes or irregular Blood Sugar
- Inadequate Sleep
- Out of Shape / Poor Physical Fitness
- Genetics (family history)
- Chronic Toxic Stress

Still, there is a lot we can do proactively to prevent and even reverse cardiometabolic disease and improve our longevity and quality of life.

For thousands of years, healers have helped people improve their health by harnessing the benefits of food, movement, breathing, awareness and nature.

Combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology to learn how you can thrive with healthy lifestyle approaches.

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