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A Place for Everyone to Thrive!

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At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we take pride in welcoming people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, abilities, backgrounds, and walks of life!


Our aim is to empower every Patient Member to live their healthiest life possible as their own unique Best Self.


Care at TAKE TWO HEALTH is individualized and adapted to the physical, emotional, learning, relational, and support needs of each unique Patient Member.


Our office is physically accessible to all body types and abilities, trauma-informed, body-positive, LGBTQ-positive, culturally inclusive, compassionate, welcoming, and fiercely protective of our Patient Members. 


At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we respect your right to define your family as you choose. Family or Small Group Membership pricing is available to any group of two or more people, regardless of legal or blood relationship. Every Patient Member always has the individual right to choose who to include in - or exclude from - their health care team.


At TAKE TWO HEALTH, we also believe that your body is your own - to express yourself, your identity, and your choices, on your own terms. Our healthcare professionals are knowledgeable and non-judgmental in assisting Patient Members with body modifications, including hormonal care for gender affirmation. We are also creative allies and advocates to protect the integrity of any non-conforming body who does not wish to be altered.


Our TAKE TWO HEALTH team is trained to be respectfully curious, empowering, and accommodating.


We are all always learning. We welcome you to TEACH US if there are ways we can make TAKE TWO HEALTH a more welcoming, empowering space for you.